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Unlock the full potential of your mobile experience with our cutting-edge applications designed for both Android and iOS devices from BuddyBoss-powered websites and LMS like Learndash and Tutor LMS. At WpAppium, we bring you a seamless integration of innovation and community engagement.

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Why Choose Us?

Empowering Communities

Join our thriving social community powered by BuddyBoss, where enthusiasts and experts come together to share ideas, collaborate, and stay updated using the Social Community features

Dynamic Learning System

Elevate your skills with our integrated learning management system (LMS). Whether you prefer the robust features of LearnDash or the user-friendly experience of Learndash and Tutor LMS, we've got your learning journey covered.

Tailored Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are crafted to enhance your digital experience. Whether you're an Android aficionado or an iOS enthusiast, we have apps that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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Home Screen with many sections

WpAppium supports many sections such as the Members screen, Activity Screen, Courses Screen, Groups Screen, Forums Screen, and Discussions Screen on the Homepage. It makes the opening page of the Mobile Application simple and efficient for the End users

Registration & Login

Simple Login & Registration Screen

The Registration and Login screen is kept as simple as that to make the process more and more convenient. Just need to insert some basic fields and your users are good to go with the Mobile application

MEMbers Archive

Members Screen​

Embark on a journey of connection with our “Members Screen.” Discover diverse profiles, explore shared interests, and engage effortlessly with fellow community members. Seamlessly navigate, initiate conversations, and stay informed about the vibrant pulse of our community. Uncover the essence of community networking at your fingertips.

Activity feed Archive

Activity Feed

Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of our community with the “Activity Screen.” Witness live updates on activities, likes, mentions, and enticing link previews. Stay in the loop, celebrate interactions, and be part of the dynamic conversations shaping our vibrant digital space.

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WPAPPIUM courses Learndash BuddyBoss
Course Screen

Courses Archive

Explore the boundless world of learning with our “Courses Screen.” Dive into a curated selection of enriching courses powered by Learndash LMS and Tutor LMS. Elevate your skills, expand your horizons, and embark on a personalized journey of knowledge acquisition right from this central hub.

Forums Archive

Forums Screen

Step into the heart of discussions with our “Forums Screen” on the BuddyBoss and BuddyPress platforms. Explore a dynamic space where ideas flow freely. Engage with diverse topics, share insights, and connect with fellow enthusiasts—all from a centralized forum hub.

WPAPPIUM groups Learndash BuddyBoss
Groups Archive

Groups Screen

Discover a thriving ecosystem within our “Groups Screen.” Unleash the power of community collaboration with diverse groups on the BuddyBoss and BuddyPress platforms. Find like-minded peers, engage in discussions, and foster connections that amplify your experience within our digital community.

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